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Almost Home Bailbond in Port St. Lucie, FL is dedicated to helping you get your loved ones out of jail by providing reliable bond services throughout the Treasure Coast.
When hiring us, you can breathe easy knowing that we are employing every resource available in order to reunite you with your friends and family.

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At Almost Home Bailbond, we understand that certain things happen out of your control. Our family owned business has 17 years of experience to help in fulfilling your bond posting needs. We are always available day or night to support you. Additionally, you can count on us to handle warrant checks and escorted self-surrenders professionally.

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Bail Bond Process

After a defendant is placed under arrest, a bail hearing is scheduled to determine whether the defendant is a flight risk or otherwise. This hearing will also set the amount of the defendant’s bail. Keep in mind, the court may deny the bail and bonds altogether if the defendant is deemed a flight risk.

Every state has specific laws that mandate when a bail hearing should take place. For most states, the hearing must be held 48 to 72 hours after the defendant is arrested—but weekends and holidays will not count towards this time.

Our agents aim to keep defendants from being held behind bars while waiting for their hearing by drafting, processing, and issuing a bail bond. This is a contractual guarantee—between our agent, the defendant, and the court—that promise to the court the full bail payment if the defendant does not show up for his or her scheduled court hearing. Once defendants have received a bail amount at their bail hearing, we encourage them to contact our company, so that we can process their bail and bonds as soon as possible.

The fee for a bail bond is set by states, most of which set it as 10% of the total bail. This fee is paid to us for the bond service, and it is nonrefundable. Defendants may pay the full price of the bail, opt for a property bond, or try to gain a release through their own recognizance.

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